Darian R. Taha
CNIT Department
San Francisco City College
CNIT 103

CNIT 103 - Microcomputer Hardware

A+ Guide to IT Technical Support (ISBN 1-305-26643-9) was written to be the very best tool on the market today to prepare you to support personal computer hardware. This book takes you from the just-a-user level to the I-can-fix-this level for the most common PC hardware concerns. This book achieves its goals with an unusually effective combination of tools that powerfully reinforce both concepts and hands-on real-world experience. It also provides thorough preparation for CompTIA's newly revised A+ Core Hardware Exam. Please note this book is used for CNIT 103 and CNIT 104.

Required Text:
A+ Guide to IT Technical Support, 1-305-26643-9 Jean Andrews

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